Indian Creek Field

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Indian Creek Field

Indian Creek Field is gifted with the natural resources of oil and gas in secondary recovery fields, which can be used for the economic growth of the Morgan County, Tennessee. Pentacles Energy, by leasing out the Indian Creek Field for the next 10 years from the Citizens Gas Utility District, has not only enhanced the oil and gas production of the state; but has also taken a step towards helping to reduce the economic depression in the region. The Indian Creek is connected to the East Tennessee Natural Gas City Gate (ETNGCG) and is currently operated with no tariffs.

The Indian Creek is connected to the East Tennessee Natural Gas City Gate (ETNGCG), which has enabled us to take advantage of competitive natural gas prices through the use of this local natural gas storage facility in Tennessee. Through making oil and gas available on on-system storage we will trim down the expensive prices and complex logistics associated with purchasing natural gas through the inter-state pipelines.

We are fully equipped to handle oil and gas extraction and production from secondary recovery fields with the help of our skilled workforce; which specializes in financial procedures, technical knowledge and operations, oil and gas production, administration, and marketing. Our executive team provides effective management and support of all our oil and gas assets: marginal wells in the Indian Creek Field.

Our operations are run and maintained by our team of expert engineers, sharp business acumen possessing management, practiced administration, and experienced field personnel. Provision of high quality maintenance and continuous quality improvement in energy production is the aim of our company. For this purpose, we strive to ensure an enhanced oil and gas production from the secondary recovery fields wells, for which Pentacles Energy has developed upgraded compressors.

At Pentacles Energy, we aim to increase oil and gas production rates by increasing compression capacity from 960 HP to 2,000 HP plus add stand-by of 960 HP, Increasing the pressure of the field to 800 PSI at all times by injecting additional 900,000 MMCF, and installing a gas lifting process on selected wells. We will clean and re-log all the wells to boost our production.

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